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"Newbies; listen to the veterans of OL; they sometimes know better!"


6 Sept. 1869
October 1997
James, Sanchez
Longwar, Mud
TNT, Rifle

ICQ UIN: 13062655
SOD Website

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SOD_Badger's Career

My career as an Outlaws players started with my first log on to the zone as Badger68 in October 1997. I played for quite a while before I decided to tryout for SOD. That was in February 1998. I knew the SODs for quite a while but always thought I was not good enough to join. 8 months later SOD_Steeve retired as leader of SOD and I was elected as the new leader. Since October 1998 I am trying to hold the SOD flag high and fight bravely for my posse like all the good guys do that joined the SOD on its long, long way.

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