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"A bullet a day keeps the doctor away......" "If ya can't look alive then you'll die!"


Wouter van de Oord
17 Sept. 1981
The Netherlands
May 1998
Pueblos, Mud
TNT, Colt.45, Knife

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Tha_Zeurdoos speaks

I'm now 1.5 year a zonemember, and Really proud :). I suck at shootin' but, what the heck, I only play fur fun :). I made 2 really sucky-levels; THAPOWER and MyNature. Do visit my page sometime......Not that I update it, but, its fun ;). Anywayz, lemme give my opinion! These are my favourite groups, hope ya like 'em: KoRn, Limp Bizkit, Tool, Rage Against the Machine, Coal Chamber. Also I like easy-listening music :) like: Eels, Pearl Jam, The Fun Lovin' Criminals, Air, Motorpsycho and a helluffa lot more. Well 'nuff said (you're right Annie :).

Catch ya later (at tha zone)
Tha Zeurdoos

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