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it is just a game we have good days and bad days. on a bad day just come in and have fun it isnt the end of the world.


4 June 1971
December 1999
Sanctuary, CTF Longwar

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I am a mother of 2 and i have a step daughter. i have been married too many times but this is my last marriage. my husband got me hooked on this game a few months ago, i was a quick learner because i got tired of getting killed all the time. I am just an average player and hopefully i am getting better. I love the game and play everyday dont miss a day,very faithful.I have met a lot of nice people on here, but i have also met some I dont care for and those are the ones that are whiners when they are losing. i just like to come on here and have some fun. see you all in the zone

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