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"When I'm In a game VS you, shoot the other way. Give me time to run like hell."


Jesse J
11 Sept. 1969
February 1997
Sanctuary, Fort
Colt.45, Rifle

ICQ UIN: 1389638

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WAC_Pistolero's Story

I joined the Zone pre 3DFX exsistance as DbleJ. I played with many players, there were like 4 posse's in exsistance at that time. I changed my name to Pistolero and it instantly took off. People knew me then. So me and a friend at work talked bout being a tag team he changed his name to Bandolero. I made the name WAC and boom, rest is history. I have made many great friends through playing Outlaws in the zone these past years. And hope to continue doing so.

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