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To win one hundred victories in one hundred battles in not the highest skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the highest skill.


Jorrin Quest
17 Sept. 1983
The Netherlands
December 1997
Dr.Death, Sanchez
Sanctuary, Bourbon Strt.,
Colt .45, Rifle

ICQ UIN: 8847733

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Doc's Dream

Heyas all! Yup, this is my personal page now. You can learn all the facts about all the zone outlaws players right at this url. Isn't that something? I think it is, my dream is now just to get many filled in forms by players. Anyway this speech shouldn't be about this site but about..erhm.. well you know.."stuff" :P

I started playing Outlaws in december 1997. I got the game with Christmas and I went online as DocDynamite instantly. The first real pal at the zone was VegasLaker. Of course, as all newbies, I at first couldn't get connected to any games and this great guy, who's from Sweden, helped me out back then. So I got connected and...blown away by all the WACs. In all the months playing the WACs got my greatest respect of all posses. I'm sure a lot of players agree with me that they are one of the best, nicest, oldest and wisest bunch of people at the zone. Nowadays they kind of went their own way; of course there are WACs left; still nice ppl, though great people as Mentalero, Diky and Nighty joined other posses or even left the Outlaws World again. After I was with the zone for like a month or so I established the Quest Outlaw Team. First I named it Quest Outlaws Killers but soon after my older brother told me Team looked nicer. :) Now in the present I still carry the name QOT_Doc, perhaps you've seen me on the flip side once or twice. :)

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