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"some words of wisdom to be put :P"


Selim Berkkan
5 October 1977
November 1998
Bloody Mary, Dr.Death, James
Bunkers, Junction, TenPaces
Shotgun, Rifle, Colt.45

ICQ UIN: 14746561
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Right now I am studying graphics design in London which involves interactive media, other then that for hobby I play guitar and make vocal for a rock-blues band which we have performance every thursday night. Since I do not have a way with boozing I prefer to go cinemas, cafes and exhibitions on my free time. I do not like to talk about my self about my outlaws skills, its for u people to find out the most important thing in this game is to be nice, calm and have fun as well as make the others have fun as well :) I never participate in zone tourneys in my career but for my irc career I have 3 1 on 1 and 1 2on2 titles but that was back 2 years ago :P The best thing that I do in Outlaws now is to chat :)

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