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 My Friends  

Okay, welcome to the 'My Friends Page'. Here I have listed a number of players that are friends of mine. Now I've met loads of people in the years I've been on the zone so I could all add 'em up here but that would be a lot of work so I only mention the people that were really special to me. So praise to the lord that yer mentioned or say Hello to me more often in the future. :)

QOT_Laker - aka VegasLaker, SWE_Slak

I think we all have our heroes in the Outlaws World. Well QOT_Laker, aka VegasLaker and SWE_Slak, is one of mine. When I first joined the zone in December 1997 he was there to show me the secrets of the Zone Outlaw Community. As DocDynamite was my name VegasLaker (that was his name at that time) was my teacher. So he was the first person I really talked to and how more ironic could it be that he would join my clan later as QOT_Laker in begin 1998. Unfortunalty QOT_Laker has found new hope and new dreams, he left the Outlaws World and joined others in a more important quest; life itself. Hopefully I will never lose contact with him, we still have our chats on ICQ time by time, as he friend forever. =]

QOT_Laybourn - aka The_Ripper

Laybourn joined the zone a little later than me and we got buddies instantly. He joined the QOT quickly although fate said he had to spend more time on his personal life. He left the zone though he will never leave the Outlaws Community. Its sad too know that I get very few responses from him via e-mail, though that will never change that he's one of my best net-pals. :)

QOT_Gadda - SWE_Gadda

Gadda, to a veteran player that must say enough. He joined the zone shortly after I established the QOT. We were very even with skills in deathmatches. Gadda joined the QOT and a few months later left the QOT again to find fortune in the SWE clan since Sweden is his home-country. Though later he let me know that he wanted to re-join QOT; there was no doubt for me to say yes. Nowadays he is the best QOT around.


She joined the zone when I established QOT for quite a time already. She was a newbie and she was my first student. What I was for Laker, Bertha is for me. She's kindness itself and with a deadly beauty she joined the QOT. Hopefully she will be with us in the community for lots of more years.


Perhaps Loke doesn't really sees my as a close-friend of his but I certainly am a fan of his. In fact I have been a fan of the Sweden clan all years as an Outlaw. And the name Loke, just like all other SWE-member names: Fimpen, HuJu, Empe, etc, is damn cool. Loke is a wicked dude who is friendly but he also has some skills. Unfortunatly I don't see him online a lot. Anyway greets to you and the Sweden clan my friend.

 Clans I Respect  

Whoop Ass Crew
I joined the Zone as DocDynamite and got into my first games. Soon enough I met these great folks with names as WAC_Pistolero, WAC_Mentalero, WAC_Nightyolero and WAC_Dikyolero. And I have to tell you something; they kicked some serious butt!. 4 of the WACs I just mentioned have found luck in other gangs or even left the community though new WACs joined such as Docolero and Dirtyolero and they're just a dead duo these days as Mental and Diky were in the old days. Pistol (and Bando) has done a great job all these years with keeping the WAC alive and I hope he will continue doing so till eternity.

Team Sweden, not only their website looks smashing but these (mostly young people) also are smashing friendly and really good at Outlaws. I luv 'em! Heck I even wanted to join Sweden a few times in the past couple of years. Though I stayed loyal to my own lil' gang so far hehe. Anyway Loke, Fimpen, Chicado, HuJu; yer all great guys!

Stormtroopers of Deutschland
Well the name says it; they from Germany and they're meanly good at Outlaws too! They're now probably the number one gang with the most members that come on regurarly and they've always been big. Badger, Rantanplan (SIR!) ;), Krueger, TopCat they're all cool dudes!

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