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_Greeneye_, Nightingale
Ulrike (Uli)
May 1997
Templar's, Cowboys, Mud
ICQ UIN:1480656

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Nighty's words

I have met so many people that i liked right from the beginning (somebecame "likeable" to me even after they pissed me off ,P), that i had and haveno other chance but coming back to the zone or format my hdīs just to beable to talk to my friends. Itīs hard to get your normal Real Life (yes,some ppl do have one ;P) included into the online life and the friends i made,but i guess i did it quite nicely.

As most of you know, i am a VERY talkative person, with the heck of aquick temper, but HEY! thatīs ME!!! I love to teach "newbies" "how" to play -but donīt be grumpy at me when you still get whooped by the badbutt players like Big Mental, Wildo or whoever else fits in my category of "deadly butcute" ... I never claimed to be the best female player in the OL-Zone ;) If you want to get along with me and all the other nice people in the zone: be yourself, but donīt be an A$$, everybody has got bad days - get over it and have fun!
Open minded people are always welcome to get sniped by me


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