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"Look straight, Act drunk. Oh yeah and Doc is a good allround character, Oh oh and don't use Bob hehe!"


Gary Lythgoe
7 August 1984
August 1996
Dr.Death, Bloody Mary
Bunkers, Repair
Shotgun, Colt.45
ICQ UIN: 4905170 Rolo's Website

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ENG_Rolo101's career

I'm a 15 year old boy living in England. I play outlaws for fun with my friends on the zone. I'm a fun kinda guy, who enjoys outlaws and doesn't take it too seriously. I play a lot with my partner ENG_OLDTIMER who I've known for a very long time. Hi Dude! I took part in the best of the West top 25 outlaws tournament. I did ok but there are some top cowboys out there and ya gotta be darn careful hehe. There was abig length of time where I didn't play outlaws and I have recently come back and I'm gonna get good again! :)

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