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"Better to burn up, than to fade away!!" "I was born to rock the world. Some people get high on drugs but I just get high on life!"


Sept. 1998
All Smo- and Taco-levels
Knife, Rifle
ICQ UIN: Please ask me in case you know me.
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My lifestyle is this; I like to listen to music and wether its by accident or not; I basically only listen to bands that NOBODY has ever heard of that are cool. I also like hanging out with friends and I'm a fan of European Football + Soccer since football in America is non-existant.
As far as my outlaws career I have been in 2 gangs: SG (Smokin' Guns) and HSS (High Speed Steel). SG being irc-only gang and HSS being an irc/kali/zone gang. The reason I have never been in any others gangs is that a year ago when I quit HSS I swore I'd never join another gang because my experience with HSS s*cked..That is not to say anything bad about the other guys in it; heck I never saw any of the other guys in it and after a short period of Red Dragon not answering my emails or icqs I said; "Forget it". I have nothing against him or any of the other ppeople in HSS. That was just how it was for me.
I guess that I'll leave you with some lyrics from Texas Is The Reason. A band I love that nobody has ever heard of.
"I never said it was good to know everything you needed to know. I guess you never really tried."

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