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"Enjoy life, and don't get to hooked to outlaws :P"


Brian Chamberlain
2 November 1987
March 1999
Bloody Mary, Sanchez
Pyramid 3, Mud
Shotgun, Rifle

ICQ UIN: 41899486
Danger's Webby

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OGB_Danger's review (written by himself)

"Danger is from Upstate New York, where summers are hot, winters are cold and Autumn is absolutely beautiful. Oswego to be exact.
While he is one of our youngest members, his grace and demeanor exemplify what OGB is all about (Martone could probably learn a thing or two from him in that area).

He is a good webmaster and an up and coming map maker. He will play any character in just about any map so he says he doesn't have any real preference. He just likes to shoot the opposition, whoever that may be at the time. his outside interests (other than html and LawMakin') include "chillin' with his friends, music" and all those other things a teenager likes, even girls :-)

When you see him in the zone say "Howdy, Danger. Snow day today?" -As seen at Danger's OGB Office

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