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"Live fast. Die young. Leave a good-looking corpse."


Tommy Parker
31 August 1956
February 1996

ICQ UIN: 14371003

 Player Speech  

I am a dyed in the wool Outlaws fanatic! This is the first online game I played and it is still my fav! I have tried other games but always find myself back in High Noon. I think the people that I find there is the biggest reason for my return. I was originally with the Bounty Hunters posse but I joined the Outlaws Gang Busters after the BH broke up. Even though I miss the BH, I love being an OGB! Great folks and good players (except for me of course :{D ) When I am not in High Noon I am posing as a Golf Professional at Cedar Lakes Golf Course located at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Please come on out with your golf clubs and lets play a round!! Especially you gals...hehehe

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