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Ahh just enjoy life.... Have as much fun as ya can possibly have..if you havnt already tried Gaming on a Local Area Network..i suggest you try it...there's nothin better.....well almost nothin ŠP Finally "just do your best" and as Nike say's "Just do It"


Suppy, Supster
14 January 1973
Bloody Mary, James
Shotgun, Rifle, TNT
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Just an easy-goin Guy ..... who enjoys fun spirited games ... started multiplayer online games playing Xwing VS Tie fighter..then moved onto Good Old Outlaws once it came out.......i remember the good old days of Outlaws in the Zone....things have changed a lot since then..but some players are still around.

Been in several Clans, OZ was first..well at that time it wasnt a clan, i just stuck OZ with my nickname to signify that i'm an Aussie player i guess. The clan was formed about 6 months later.

Other clans were TRU, MIL, NTK, WAC ..for a few days hehe, and some i can't recall.

Since moved on to other games...such as Half life.. and Half Life Modifications ..But always come back to Outlaws for fun gaming at it'struest.

I hope to see an Outlaws Sequel that would bring a whole new generation to the game ŠP

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