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"Never let Spaceman get the double barreled shotgun."


John McBride
14 Aug. 1970
November 1998
Dr.Death, Bloody Mary
Sanctuary, Bunkers, Fort
Colt.45, Shotgun


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QOT_Spaceman_7 speaking

Always too busy to have fun anymore. I used to be at the zone every hour god sends, but now I only get on a few times a week. I love Outlaws, its the simplicity of the single-person-shoot-'em-up thats got me hooked. Despite new games coming on the scene, I think I will be playing Outlaws FOREVER!!. I have only ever been in one posse and that's QOT. QOT are a real friendly bunch and I dont think I'll ever swap to another posse unless the unthinkable happens and QOT disbands. Can usually find me at the zone late weekday evenings 20.00-23.00 GMT, and occasionally on a saturday afternoon/evening.

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