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"The key to success depends how quicky you adapt/adjust to your opponents playing style."


25 March 1971
December 1997
All levels
Thud Tower, ReBunked
Rifle, Shotgun

ICQ UIN: 29112074
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Been playing Outlaws since April 97 while it was still in demo format. Formed the RDG gang in kali which later became HSS. Play very rarely in the Zone though lately I've had little choice. My main hangout remains Kali since Winsock still rules! Fairly easy to get along with as long as you play the game the way it was designed. Rules ruin the game and also tip the balance of power to the players making the rules. Open fighting gives even a newbie a chance at getting some kills and we need all the support from them we can get if this game is to survive the millennium.

Have a great new year everyone!

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