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"Always expect the unexpected and if in doubt leave it out!"


Hammy, SSS_filmcritic
Paul "Snakey" Sommer
18 April 1965
Dr.Death, James
Helltown, Bourbon Strt.

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SSS_Hamdrad speaks

Thus spake Hammy....cough...well where to begin. I thought the internet sucked but then one day after eyeing the outlaw box in the local shop for over a year, i leapt($12?!).
After practising i was ready! Ready to be gunned down like a sheep BAAAA! But after a while i got better thanks to the advice of all the Vets I bothered (thx GSK'ers) who pointed me in the right direction. Out of the zone and over to mallards, OGB and Pales site.
I work for the guy who invented TNT here in denmark and am married to a Danish Uni student, god help me. See you later guys.......

P.s you would never guess but i talk alot hehe ;8) oink!

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