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"NeVeR fAcE mE oNe Vs OnE!"


28 November 1983
November 1996
Sanchez, Bloody Mary
Bunkers, Fort,
StATiC_Box, Wilderness, NewMexico
Shotgun, Colt. 45

ICQ UIN: 26202079 StATiC's WeBbY

 Player Speech  

I Am a BaD aSsS pLaYeR. bUt I aM a NiCe GuY. bEeN tHRoUgH mAnY gAnGs sO I NoW hOw EvErYoNE iS. i EnJoY pLaYinG CtF oR tMs.. ThAt ShOwS yEr ReAl SkIlLS As A tEaM pErSoN. oNe vS oNe WiTh ThE gReAt OnE..wEll ThAt iS sOmeThinG yEr nEvEr GeT a ChAnCe oF. fOr YoU THaT dId YoU wIlL LIvE tHe LiFeTimE oF thAt 10 mIns Of FaMe..WeLL tHat IS aLL aBoUt Me..PeAcE OuT
StATiC_CoWbOy1 4 LiFe

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