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"One of these days... BANG! ZOOM! ... right to the moon!"


Jason Quigley
29 June 1972
May/June 1997
All characters
Original 6, Ravine
All weapons

ICQ UIN: 1228810

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SyN_Quigs speaks up

I hardly slept for 2 weeks when the multiplayer patch for the Outlaws demo came out. #Outlaws on the Efnet IRC network was where I lived as I commuted back and forth to my "job" in Dry Gulch :-)

Since then I've been lucky enough to play with some great people, from the members of the ill-fated BMF & CAN gangs to my current pards in the Syndicate.

Sadly real life has lured me away at times and reduced my skills accordingly, but I guarentee Olwin.exe will still be on my hard drive well after it's been deleted from yours :-)

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