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"Life's too short to dance with ugly women."

"No man's a failure when he has friends."


Tuff Texan
25 July 1965
August 1997
Mary, James
Dropin, Longwar 3, Frenchburg (CTF's)
Shotgun and Rifle
ICQ UIN: 33801202
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Tuff Texan

I'm a technical recruiter and I have my own line of children's clothing (along with a partner) Austin Saige is the line ... it's new, but you will soon know about it! You can see the clothes at . I love playing Outlaws .. it relieves the stress big time! Very thearoputic! I have my own gang, TUFF and basically it's comprised of guys in their 20's and 30's who are decent players that don't act like fools. Oh ..and .. I LOVE CTF!

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