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"Dont let your babies grow up to be cowboys. They may become a gunslinger like my youngest"


15 April 1952
USA (texas)
May 1999
James, Dr.Death
Sanctuary, Mud

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Dan speaks

Im a nuclear technician, father of two sons. Ive been married 25 years to the same woman, my first wife i call her. I like to race cars, target shoot and live on a big place in the country in Texas. Both my sons are at the U.S. Naval Academy. I have more time to spend on the computer since my kids are gone but my wife thinks i spend too much time at it and I take outlaws too seriously. She could be right, but I think it is great fun and have met some interesting people in the zone I first played outlaws at work in a multiplayer game and have been hooked ever since. At the end of that first game I had holes in me big enough to throw small dogs through, but I kept playin and do my share of blastin' now. Lookin forward to seein' ya in the zone!

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